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Thursday, November 08, 2001
An amazing find from Metafilter: a children's school choir from the late '70s covering pop music in a really cool way. They cover McCartney's Venus And Mars/RockShow, some Beach Boys, Bowie's Space Oddity...not to mention, The Carpenters, Bay City Rollers, Herman's Hermits...

I don't why this stuff is so much fun to listen to, but it is! Endorsed by Bowie, John Zorn and Richard Carpenter, but explicitly denounced by the American Orff-Schulwek Association ("It is very evident that the [Orff] instruments were not used as they would be used in the Orff-Schulwerk approach...."). Props to WFMU's Irwin Chusid for reissuing the record.

A very interesting example of how recontextualization can bring out the value in something...once you're predisposed to think that something is cool, it's a lot easier to find the merit in it.


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