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Monday, February 04, 2002
The Case of the Found CDs.

Great insight into how musical taste informs indentity...or rather, the judgments that can be made about you from your CD collection.

Here are 10 of the artists/titles of the 14 CDs in the case discovered by Kathy Summers. (The rest shall remain unnamed, on the chance that the rightful owner might read this and have a way to further prove they are his):

1. Lou Reed, "Transformer"
2. Elvis Costello, "Get Happy"
3. The Beatles, "Revolver"
4. The New York Dolls (eponymous)
5. Mercury Rev, "See You on the Other Side"
6. Talking Heads, "Speaking in Tongues"
7. Guided by Voices, "Isolation Drills"
8. The Clash, "London Calling"
9. Bob Marley and the Wailers, "The Bob Marley Collection"
10. Pete Yorn, "Music for the Morning After"

Kathy thinks the CDs belong to a man.

Kathy thinks the CDs belong to a white man.

What's more, Kathy thinks -- and I will break off from whatever objective goal I may still cling to at this point and heartily agree -- the CDs belong to a man in his mid- to late-thirties who might live around the neighborhood.


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