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Wednesday, February 27, 2002
The Chicago Tribune has quite a nice story about how the major labels are in deep trouble and how musicians are now storming the barricades. Worth a read. The parts that get me particularly excited are near the end:

""I make a lot more money per record," says Joe Pernice, whose recent self-released Pernice Brothers album outsold six previous releases he had recorded for an established independent label, Sub Pop. "I stand to have financially the best year I've ever had in music. And I own my album! That's an unbelievably good feeling. You get cast away [by labels] if you're not what's happening at the moment. I know that I can have a certain size audience doing the kind of work that I'm happy doing, and don't even think about major label sales levels. I'm in a different league, I'm under the radar. But there's this land under the radar, you know?"


"We've come to the point of no return for the major labels," says Just Plain Folks' Whitney. "There will always be a mainstream business that tries to sell lots of albums, but there is so much potential for artists who can figure out how to sell 50,000 to 100,000 albums, instead of 500,000 to a million. There will be a lot more artists, promoted with less money in a far different way than they are now, which is primarily through commercial radio and MTV. They can't squeeze out any more sales going in the present direction. It has to go the opposite way."


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