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Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Nader: 2000 run was a building block

Hey it's time for a Using Bees flashback moment. I was disappointed to read this:

Q. What was your biggest campaign mistake?

A. Using too many electronics and not enough foot power. In other words, I wouldn't have spent as much time working through the Internet. I think the Internet failed to get out the vote by all parties. What I would have done was have far more people in the neighborhoods responsible for getting a dozen votes here, two dozen votes there. I should have been much more hands on, and person to person. But that's much more difficult to do. It's a lot easier to get on TV, have a few ads and get on the Internet.

Ralph -- you've got it wrong. Without the Internet, I never would have voted for you -- simple as that. A dozen votes here or there does not scale, as we say in the corporate world...and besides, I don't remember a significant Internet-based get out the vote campaign except to members of your email list. Perhaps if you'd deployed your penultimate weeks more carefully -- fighting for more votes in comparatively liberal areas rather than scrapping for votes in areas you should have been writing off -- you would have seen a better result...especially if the goal was to build a base rather than be a spoiler. Anyway...


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