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Saturday, June 15, 2002
Another impressive England victory. Bring on Brazil!

In other news, I finally get to talk about the oh-so-secretive Internet startup I worked for after getting laid off. The site has launched now, and I for one think it's pretty cool.


The idea is that if you're a huge fan of...let's say...Weezer -- or you want to meet other bloggers in your town...or you're planning a wedding and want to commiserate with meet other brides people who are planning a wedding. You can go to, type in your zip code, and it will say (for instance) "All Weezer fans in Austin are meeting at Ruta Maya Coffee House on July 2nd at 7pm" (NOTE: I made up this listing -- it is incorrect).

MEETUP automatically schedules a meet up in 500-odd cities around the world (most in the US, at least to start) and you get to vote on which location you'd like to use.

The site launched the other day and was promptly "Slashdotted", so there are already almost 5000 participants (mostly techies) as of the time of writing. Soon they'll start getting the word out, one by one, to the hundreds of online communities that I helped to identify -- and a worldwide Weezer fan MEETUP will surely be of interest to the major Weezer fan sites out there, so those categories will shortly begin to show some life too.

Anyway, you can get all the juicy details at the site...have a poke around. And think: "What topics am I geekily passionate about? And goddamn, wouldn't it be great to meet other people who are just as into "blankety blank" as I am. Odds are, your little niche is not on there, so please suggest it! For instance, Matt might be all excited about the Metafilter MEETUP, but might want to suggest a Comic Book Fans MEETUP.


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