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Sunday, June 23, 2002
Chicken and cheese Indian bread -- I was turned onto it by Matt B during my senior year at UT. After a nice between-classes lunchtime pint, we would head over to the little cart that sat outside the University Co-op and buy a couple of those delicious little pockets of heaven for $1.25 each. The friendly Vietnamese lady would hand 'em over along with a cup of ice for the accompanying Mountain Dew, and we'd scurry off to eat them. Subsequent trips back to Austin usually involved a detour by campus to ensure that I got a least a couple of them in the system; if Sonnet was driving, I was free to savor them in the passenger seat.

The move back to Austin was wrenching in many ways. One of the saving graces for me was my imminent proximity to unlimited supplies of chicken and cheese Indian bread. The price? Still $1.25 each.

So as I left The Omelettry after breakfast yesterday, I was gobsmacked to see the friendly Vietnamese lady's mugshot on the cover of the Austin American-Statesman. Turns out she and her equally friendly husband have (allegedly) been fencing stolen goods through the chicken-and-cheese cart for years now. I'm devastated. How did they have time to fence, given the prodigious lines that the food inevitably occasioned? Was it the money? Miss, I would gladly have paid double for that food -- that's $2.50 each -- if I'd known that the alternative for you was a life of criminal subterfuge.

I jest, but this really sucks.


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