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Monday, July 08, 2002
Regrettably, blogging has slowed to a crawl. I am the teensiest bit overwhelmed with the new job -- not so much what I'm doing, but the totally different pace of it. By the time I left it, my previous job was very predictable. I had lots of time to myself -- to work, blog, what have you. This job throws something at you every 5 minutes, something that usually has to be dealt with immediately or else slotted into the carefully organized scheduling/prioritization system one has constructed for oneself.

The main stumbling block seems to be that I don't have a carefully organized scheduling system nor a handy project prioritization model to which I can instantly and seamlessly refer...and, further, that I don't deal all that well with urgent things being shot at me as if from some kind of malfunctioning automatic-tennis-ball-server-thingy-but-with-job-tasks.

I prefer to stroke my chin while I carefully examine all angles of the question, go and download some MP3s while subconsciously sifting through the options, and then return to the task with an devastatingly brilliant and original synthesis that leaves others in awe at my ingenuity and my insouciant, yet undeniably effective, methodology. That doesn't really work in this job. So to return to my original point, I've yet to determine how blogging fits into this system. There's definitely time -- it's just that it can only happen if I'm not constantly breathless and reeling, like a baby llama brought on board a submarine and instructed to run its food service operations.


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