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Monday, September 23, 2002
God, it's been forever since I posted, hasn't it? It's disgusting really...I've got all kinds of excuses, but you don't care. Why should you?

All I can do is try to make it up to you, the only way I know how: by drawing your attention to Atomic Badger Racing. Be sure to check out the Strangelove-esque kitties you can drop on competing badgers. [via b3ta]

What else? Going to the Austin City Limits festival this weekend -- your usual assortment of sufficiently alt-country bands and local favorites, plus the effin String Cheese Incident (does anyone find that name funny? It reeks of a bunch of musos sitting around stoned after rehearsal convincing themselves that it's amusing). Still, should be fun, and worth the price of admission for Wilco alone.

The new Spoon album, Kill The Moonlight, is super-super-keen, y'all. It grows on you like a vat full of Sea Monkeys swimming in growth hormone -- just like that, in fact. The songs get into your bloodstream without you noticing. So, MP3 of the Time Increment -- Spoon's The Way We Get By. This one seems catchy enough at first, but a few more listens and you'll be unable to avoid putting it on thrice a day for the next two weeks. Highly recommended, especially for juniorhighpants...she heard some demos from this record during the Great Stoop Sale of '02, and now I always think of her and how much she'd probably like this album.

Other Spoon factoids: my friend Matt plays sax on two songs. A Lovejoy is the touring keyboardist with them these days. Spoon have never made a bad record. I work with a guy who put out a bunch of their 7"s. They used to rock in all the right ways, but now they save it -- it's just another arrow in the quiver. If you want to get a feel for Rock Age Spoon, check Car Radio.

Another MP3 of the Time Increment -- you've heard me go on about him before, but this new Roddy Frame song is quite lovely methinks. He has a new acoustic album that I haven't bought yet, but I will get it shortly.

The missus thinks I should write a book about the role that chocolate has played in my life.

Adam (as seen in US Magazine) called me up while DJing at Lolita, to soliciting an instant request honoring the presence of John Wesley Harding -- I plumped for The Magnificent Seven, which went down a treat. I made a mix for him to draw from at his gigs -- you can see the tracklisting here. DJing one night, cruising with Britney the next...New York cannot contain this man.

We sleep with the windows open lately. It's nice. We've been hanging out with Ella Mae more lately too. That's been really nice.

Sounds like sistra v and I have had similar existential crises lately about our suitability for our chosen careers ...except what she's doing is actually much more difficult and much more worthy than what I'm doing. I'm with you, V! Either way, you learn something about yourself and can move on.


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