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Friday, September 27, 2002
Moving to Austin -- the subtext was always Dogs & Babies.

Well, say hello to the newest member of the Blantreich household: C.K Dexter Haven.

It's been a tiring week for Dexter. Two days ago he underwent the ritual doggie bris; today he was snatched from the Town Lake Animal Center by two odd, albeit affectionate, young people who immediately whisked him to a pet store in a strip mall and proceeded to agonize over the right crate to purchase him (he sensibly curled up on a shelf and grabbed some shuteye while all this was transpiring). Then they schlepped him to Blantreich Mansions, where he had a nice little run around his new garden, even volunteering his first (and so far, only) bark. He was then introduced to the concept of "indoors", which took some getting used to. Tentative sniffing ensued, then a quick lap at the water dish for appearance's sake before settling down for some full-on basking in new owner love. Ella Mae stopped by to add some cooing of her own, a rawhide bone was produced, and after some vigorously single-minded gnawing, Dexter's week finally caught up with him and he settled down for a schluf.


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