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Sunday, September 29, 2002
So this weekend was the Austin City Limits Festival -- we caught Wilco, but then hurried back to make sure the dog was OK. The show wasn't bad, although Tweedy claimed to have puked thrice during the previous night's gig...that may have accounted for the lackadaisical pace (you don't play Misunderstood *and* Sunken Treasure in a one-hour set; you just don't). We blew off today, meaning we'll have to see Kelly Willis and Shawn Colvin some other time. Oh well.

On the plus side, we have more pictures.

The Book recommended that we put the dog's name into a song and sing it to him, so that the sound of his name establishes positive connotations for him. We went straight to work thinking of songs that could incorporate his name. So far:

I Want Your Dex
Dexual Healing
Get Up, I Feel Like Being A Dex Machine

If he were a band, he would be Dexy's Midnight Runners. If he were a George Harrison album, he would be Dextra Texture. Yes -- that last sickeningly soppy joke made you uncomfortable, didn't it? It forced you to stare into the abyss that has been the last 48 hours of my life...are you recoiling at the dizzying descent into domestic inanity that has accompanied dog ownership?


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