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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Ron Rosenbaum is always a good read (see Explaining Hitler, a book so interesting that one has to unscrew one's head from one's shoulders periodically while reading it so that the poor thing doesn't overheat, a book so interesting that one finds oneself cradling it, rocking it gently in one's arms, and cooing, "I love you so much, Explaining Hitler, you're just so unbearably interesting, yes, yes you are", as if the book was a little Golden Retriever mix puppy or somesuch). Anyway, Ronnie's written a peach of an article for the New York Observer called "Goodbye, All That: How Left Idiocies Drove Me to Flee" about his disillusionment with the Left since 9.11. Some of you who sniffed around Using Bees in those days may recall my own breast-beating about the same subject, and Rosenbaum's article is a nice summation of my feelings. I just expect more from lefties, you know?

The article references Robert Graves' classic look back at the pre-Great War period in England, Good Bye To All That. It's a marvelous book about which I wrote a not-particularly-marvelous paper in college. Why do I mention it? Don't know,'s just the sort of mad, impetuous thing I do sometimes. I'm mad, me...I don't care *what* I do. Last night, right, I stayed up until *2 in the morning*. Told you -- I'm bonkers.


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