Using Bees To Effect Vengeance

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Sunday, November 03, 2002
Another birthday. I'm 28 years young. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes, clothing, and/or heaping quantities of English chocolate (including the unjustly underrated Double Decker).

The birthday sparked the usual cornucopia of profound emotions: the bitter self-recrimination, the free-floating abject hopelessness, the unquenchable soul-lust for Double Deckers, the terrifyingly visceral awareness of the inexorable passage of time and the concomitant sense of hurtling towards death, and -- trust me -- "inexorable hurtling" is an exhaustingly knotty concept to contemplate in and of itself. Anyway, I wallowed in those emotions from around 10am (after opening birthday presents) until 4pm (before putting on pop music with loud guitars). The pop music fixed it, basically. My wife also helped, but that's between her and me.


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