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Wednesday, January 08, 2003
1. Wilco -- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
2. Spoon -- Kill The Moonlight
3. The Flaming Lips -- Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (see Heiferman's site for samples)

These three defined the year for me, and are on a different plane, as it were.

4. Elvis Costello -- When I Was Cruel
5. Roddy Frame -- Surf
6. Cotton Mather -- The Big Picture
7. The Soft Boys -- Nextdoorland
8. Nina Nastasia -- The Blackened Air
9. John Wesley Harding -- Swings And Roundabouts
10. Ash -- Free All Angels

On the whole, a really boring, predictable, same as everyone else's list of records. Too white, too pop/singer-songwritery. Oh well. I spent much of the year catching up on older stuff, be it Goldfrapp (what a lovely record) or Trojan Records box sets, or Glenn Gould.

Honorable mentions:

Oasis -- Heathen Chemistry (at least, the first half of it)
The Streets -- Original Pirate Material
Solomon Burke -- Don't Give Up On Me
Departure Lounge -- Too Late To Die Young
Beck -- Sea Change
Badly Drawn Boy -- About A Boy Stdrk
Blackalicious -- Blazing Arrow
Tom Waits -- Alice
Brendan Benson -- Lapalco
Bill Ricchini -- Ordinary Time
George Harrison -- Brainwashed
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man -- Out Of Season
Chitlin Fooks -- Did It Again


Aimee Mann -- Lost In Space
Supergrass -- Life On Other Planets
Rhett Miller -- The Instigator
Kid Loco -- Kill Your Darlings
The Vines -- Highly Evolved
Arnold -- Bahama

Looking forward to hearing new records from:

Talib Kweli, The Coral, Rilo Kiley, The Model Rockets, The Libertines, The Delgados, Lemon Jelly, Royksopp, St. Etienne, McAlmont & Butler

Some MP3s to listen to:

The Clash: The Magnificent Seven (listen for "fuckin' long, innit?". Goodbye, Joe).
Hall And Oates: Sara Smile (proper white soul).


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