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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Snow day today. Weren't snow days the absolute *best* when you were a kid? Unanticipated, undeserved...and all the sweeter for it. It's not the same now, knowing that you'll have to work that much longer and harder to meet your deadlines once you get back to work...but still, quite nice.

Did you catch the Strummer tribute on the Grammy's? I didn't expect much, but in the end I found it quite stirring. Elvis was terrific of course...the venom was out in full force. Bruce was nicely restrained vocally, which is not what I expected. It worked well. Dave Grohl was OK, and Miami Steve was alright I suppose. Anyway, if you didn't catch it, you can download the video here, as well as the MP3 (actually it's an MP2, but it worked fine on WinAmp). If you have the bandwidth and/or the time, I recommend checking out the video -- the visuals add a lot.


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