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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Lots of thoughts swirling around the last few days, but it's been a busy time at work as well so no time to blog.

This war sure is confusing, huh? In the past, there has been more or less an information blackout, with newspapers & TV essentially dependent on military briefings for any information whatsoever. This time, it's total information overload -- rumors passed along in near real time, embedded reporters all over the shop, military analysts passing judgment on the fly, "news" from al-Jazeera, Debka, BBC, Le Monde, FoxNews, CNN, and Salam. The only viable option is to more or less give every piece of news a few days in which to prove its authenticity (although that authenticity is only temporary -- it was years after the Gulf War before we learned that the vaunted Patriot missiles shot down exactly 0 Scuds during that conflict).

Anyway, it's astonishing that bloggers all over the Internet are doing play-by-play commentary on this war. Here are some interesting sites, if you're keeping up with this as obsessively as I am:

Command Post -- collective blog that's basically pro-war, but good for news tidbits and rumours from all over
Agonist -- frequently updated war news, more balanced than Command Post
Daily Kos -- anti-war blog by ex-military guy, some really great analysis to be found here
BBC Reporters Blog -- what it says on the tin
The Rational Enquirer -- links to useful articles from an anti-war perspective
Tacitus -- Interesting analysis, thoughtfully pro-war
Where is Raed -- see below

Plus CNN, The Guardian, and The New York Times


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