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Friday, March 14, 2003

One of the things that has enriched my life this year is a certain West Ham message board. Practically every day, there's something that triggers a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Anyway, there's a thread today about pre-match superstitions:

"Away games: we take a tatty 1980 pennant with us
Away games: we take a scarf that got hot chocolate spilled on it at Darth Ferguson's Death Star moments before Paolo slotted past Barthez (still unwashed).

All Games: Play the Prodigy at some point on the morning of the game

Home Games: Leave no beer at the bottom of the glass
Home Games: Leave the Spotted Dog by the exit nearest the Station (even though we drink nearer the other door)
Home Games: Put a quid in the cancer research box on Green Street
Home Games: Kiss my fingers and touch the crossed hammers on the gate between the underneath of the Lower Bobby Moore stand and the Seating area
Home Games: Shout "don't f*ck it up" as the whistle goes.
Home Games: Me and my mate Steve have a lucky Pie (Beef and Onion, mind!) on 20 mins
Home Games: My secret lucky urinal

Apart from that, none really."


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