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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
George Martin always says that The Beatles should have condensed the White Album into a killer single album. He is of course, completely wrong. What gets cut? Revolution 9 is cool, but cuttable. Good Night is a good natured pisstake, but inessential. But then what? Even the subpar stuff, like, er...the...hmm. Hell, you have a go for yourself and tell me if you end up with a single album that's better than the double they released. And don't you dare cut Honey Pie! [via Metafilter]

In the same vein, I recently trotted out Anthology 3, and took a listen to the alternate version of Glass Onion contained therein. Wow! Sweaty upper lip time. Has anyone ever compared to The Beatles' genius/minute quotient? Even Beethoven has to roll over by that standard. [Please note the measured and concise nature of my little appreciation -- usually a stray reflection on the genius of The Beatles ends up snowballing into a furious weeklong binge of Beatlemania, with the upper lip sweat positively spraying off me and my earlobes aching from ill-fitting headphones.]


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