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Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Per the below, the Worcestershire Badger Society website. They are a member of the National Federation of Badger Groups (NBFG), who have issued a press release about the offending badger. It turns out the badger's name is Boris. Boris the Badger -- it just sounds like trouble, doesn't it?

The NFBG's previous press release announced the news that a US funk band was promoting badger welfare on its UK tour. This is worth quoting from extensively:

"The connection between funk and badgers is not immediately apparent, but Breakestra's manager, Charles Raggio, explains: “The group as a whole consists of several badger lovers who border on the badger obsessed. There is actually a member of the group who's stage name is Paul "The Badger" Vargas. Paul is pictured in many press photos for the group wearing a Badger shirt that I bought for him from the NFBG website.”

"NFBG Chairman Steve Jackson will be attending the London show to help out. “My work for badgers usually involves surveying badger setts, rescuing injured animals, attending meetings and working on badger websites,” said Steve. “I never imagined that I would be attending a live funk performance to benefit these marvellous mammals. Having downloaded some of The Breakestra's music from the internet and listened to their unique sound, I am really looking forward to the experience.”


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