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Friday, May 16, 2003
Yesterday on my way back from lunch, I was stopped on the street by someone from our local public radio station and asked for my opinion on the walkout conducted by the Texas Democrats in order to prevent a naked redistricting power grab engineered by Tom DeLay. The legislators holed up in a Holiday Inn in Ardmore, Oklahoma until it was too late for the bill to pass, and are now back in Austin.

Anyway, when I got into work this morning, there was a voice mail from one of my clients asking if I was on the radio this morning or if it was someone who sounded just like me.

You can hear my soundbites by clicking here [requires RealAudio]. I'm in there a couple of times. For context, the questions I was asked were "How do you feel about the walkout by the Texas Democrats" and "Do you think the walkout will jeopardize the relationship between the legislators". Initial reactions:

1. God, I sound so American! I mean, I knew that, but....
2. I talk much more quietly than everyone else! I mean, I knew that, but...
3. The "political theater" reference was courtesy of Daily Kos, which I had read shortly before going to lunch!


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