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Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Creation Science Fair 2001. My favorite bit: probably

"Honorable Mention:
"God Made Kitty" - Sally Reister (grade 3)

Oh and ""Thermodynamics Of Hell Fire" - Tom Williamson (grade 12)"

Belated congratulations to all the winners!

Update: hold on. It was all fun and games until I saw this line "This is also the first year that Muslim students from the Al-Jannah Islamic school have been invited to participate; two of their students presented a project on human anatomy entitled "Allah (SWT) Created Me" which, while it was found ineligible for a prize due to a number of Biblical inconsistencies [emphasis added], did win a special Interfaith Outreach ribbon." Yuck. Arrogance masquerading as genuine tolerance. But then again -- what am I talking about -- this is a Creation Science fair. If they were that rigorous in their thinking, they would jettison the attempt to give creationism a scientific patina and affirm their faith in Creationism regardless.


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