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Thursday, July 10, 2003
I'm listening to Michael Savage for the first time. It's frankly bizarre. In the wake of his recent firing from MSNBC, there's much self-aggrandizing talk of the "I went too high too fast and the establishment took me down" stripe. He careens wildly from the obligatory Clinton rants to 6th-whiskey-and-coke musings on religion and God's good order, to extensive (approving) recitation from obscure Henry Miller novels. He's waxing eloquent about Jack Kerouac (led astray by "literary friends") and appropriating Orwell as a conservative. "Diversity is perversity", thinly veiled homophobia, "radical left-wing jackals" -- he lives in an unrecognizable country where the Left apparently dominates the culture. He sports a painfully obvious messiah complex, and I lost count of the internal contradictions in his arguments -- they are simply swallowed up in the wave of acidic bluster.

That said, his callers are ten times scarier. You can hear the foam.


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