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Friday, August 08, 2003
So Tibor Fischer doesn't like Martin Amis's new novel, Yellow Dog. Why not? I don't know -- his "review" in the Telegraph neglects to articulate any reasons. Instead he rambles on about his bad experiences with Amis's agent, devotes much of the piece to slagging of Amis's memoir Experience, muses on why Amis is friends with Christopher Hitchens, devises ever more juvenile ways to describe how much he hates the new book -- but never actually explains why he hates it, what's wrong with it, where Amis fails. Fischer gives the reader absolutely nothing to go on.

It doesn't help that Fischer's piece reads like a transcription of an underachieving second-grader's book report. Perhaps Yellow Dog shows that Amis's touch has deserted him -- I don't know, I haven't read it. But on this evidence, it's Fischer's skillz that have atrophied, not Marty's.


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