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Monday, September 08, 2003
Democrats Split on Pushing the Personal or the Political

When Esquire ran photos of each major Democratic candidate with their families, Dean chose to be surrounded by campaign interns, citing a desire to keep his family out of things. His wife doesn't even accompany him to many political functions -- he's escorted by Evan Bayh's wife instead (which is pretty weird, I must say).

Personally, I much prefer Dean's style of keeping his personal life in the background. As a marketer, I'm hyper-aware of the political calculus behind trotting out your personal tragedies or playing up your Perfect Nuclear Family for the cameras, and it makes me feel ill to see it. I respect someone who refuses to pimp out his personal life much more than someone for whom it's all election fodder.

Then again, I don't need to feel like my President could be my best friend, or that large corporations whose products I purchase have to somehow care deeply about me as an individual despite never having met me (and how does one meet a corporation anyway?).


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