Using Bees To Effect Vengeance

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Friday, October 03, 2003
MP3 of the Time Increment: god, how long has it been? I've been busy, folks. Consumed -- consumed -- with all manner of bullshit. I'm still waist deep in it, but it's time to turn my attention back to what matters.

Our love is all we have: Wilco performing Jesus, Etc. on Leno. If that organ and Tweedy's exquisite vocal doesn't slay you, then you've already been slayed by something else.

Now I lie awake at night and dream about what I will do if I'm ever set free: The New Pornographers version of The Donner Party's When I Was A Baby. John Wesley Harding used to cover this live, and I thought it was one of his -- that same slightly twisted narrative sensibility. Instead it's from the pen of Sam Coomes, and the Newps turn this into a harmony-soaked perversely-uplifting waltz.


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