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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
The Dean campaign just asked its supporters to contribute to the campaign of Iowa congressman Leonard Boswell, who has been targeted by Karl Rove and the RNC. As of midnight last night, Dean supporters had raised $30,000 for him.

I find all of this fascinating -- a presidential campaign raising money for a congressional candidate. Obviously, raising money for a major Iowa Democrat can only help Dean solidify party support in that crucial first primary state, particularly when he and Gephardt are neck and neck. But this also seems to me like an exercise in muscle-flexing aimed at the Democratic Party/DLC elders who oppose Dean's ascent. It's saying -- look at the influence Dean has over these people. It's saying -- we're willing to play ball and use this influence to help the Party as a whole. And it's saying -- we are a serious challenge to the way you guys have been running the Democratic Party.

There has been talk lately of the Democratic Party splitting into factions -- the Clintonistas who now run the party from the top down and the insurgent Deaniacs who are excited by the grass-roots progressivism we've seen lately (via MoveOn, Meetup, etc.). Kos sees the New Democrat Network aligning with the Dean wing, while the DLC is clearly horrified by Gov. Dean. The NDN's analysis is spot on -- Republicans have been the party of innovation when it comes to organization and communication and the Democrats have been struggling to catch up. However, the Internet is the king of all disruptive technologies, and these new Democrats are seizing the opportunity to leapfrog the GOP. Exciting times.


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