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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
As I lurch towards 30, I can't be arsed with manifestos of any stripe. That said, The Geezaesthetic Manifesto more or less gets it right. It's a vital approach to criticism of art and culture, clearly informed by our experiences with the Innurnet. Some of my favorite bits:

2. We are all about dialogue. We hold that the pub conversation is as high a form of human discourse as any, and superior to most.

7. We place a high value on criticism that makes us think in new ways or about new things. We place an equally high value on criticism that makes us laugh, especially if it makes us laugh at the things we love....We place the highest possible value on criticism that makes us talk more, anything to enhance our conversation.

15. We respect academic learning but don't see it has much to do with Geezaesthetics, except as a source of stuff for us to talk about and perhaps misunderstand, hopefully in stimulating ways.

17. We like feeling strong feelings from our culture, but we don't pretend they always arise from the avant garde. We like novelty but we like comfort too. We believe that a strong feeling generated by the familiar is as stimulating as a strong feeling provoked by the shocking.

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