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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Love, Actually. Rubbish, actually. The worst film I've seen in ages. The Mrs and I spent hours last night going over every last ridiculous plot device and insultingly sloppy piece of writing. I estimate at least 1/3 of the screenplay consists of the following:

Character: Right. [bemused pause] Right. [leaves the room flustered, having inexplicably failed once again to ask someone who clearly fancies them to go out on a date].

Besides most of the film isn't even about love -- it's about initial attraction, which is not the same thing. The jarring implausibilities pile up until it becomes impossible to do anything but laugh -- there is no emotional resonance at all. Plus the score is woeful and a bunch of brilliant actors are left with nothing to do. It's as if the cheesy finales of every romantic comedy ever made were strung together into one 120-minute long orgy of sappiness.


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