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Monday, December 29, 2003
When I saw that Dean was blaming the mad cow schtuff on Bush, I was a little dubious -- I think it looks a bit petty, as if he's blaming W for everything that goes wrong each day in the US (there's enough stuff that's his fault, without needing to blame him for things that aren't). But after reading How the GOP gave us Mad Cow on DailyKos, I can see he had a point.

Republicans repeatedly blocked expanded testing of imported meat, presumably on the grounds that it's onerous for businesses. But how damaging has the discovery of BSE been for profits in the meatpacking industry? How badly is it going to affect profits at McDonalds? How many fast food jobs will be lost? What's better for business, workers, and consumers in this case -- more regulation, or less? At the very least, it's an object lesson in what can happen when real world issues are evaluated with ideological blinders on. Of course, that applies equally to those who feel that any government regulation is good regulation.


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