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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Hollywood hunks ELIJAH WOOD and CHARLIE HUNNAM are the surprise choices to lead the cast of a new movie about the violent world of soccer hooliganism in England.

LORD OF THE RINGS star Wood and COLD MOUNTAIN actor Hunnam will join Scottish GLADIATOR actor TOMMY FLANAGAN in HOOLIGAN - about the notorious rivalry between rival London clubs MILLWALL and WEST HAM UNITED.

According to reports, Hunnam will play a fan who introduces Wood's character to the world of soccer violence.

Hollywood Hunks in Movie Casting Shock! Who else would have snared the leads, Ray Winstone and the bloke off of Ground Force?

West Ham and Milwall have rarely been in the same division in recent years -- they are this year thanks to WHU's relegation -- so I wonder in which time period this is set. Either way, West Ham will be known around the world as the team with all them hooligans....


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