Using Bees To Effect Vengeance

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Friday, May 14, 2004
I can't get started on Iraq. It's all going so much worse than I ever expected, and it's incredibly depressing. We're going backwards in the war against terrorism, and the hardest part is that so many highly qualified people saw it coming, tried to stop it, and were steamrolled (no, I'm not talking about the French and the Germans -- I'm talking about the likes of Gen. Shinseki and Brent Scowcroft, and the entire State Department).

Anyway, this is not news to any of you. What may be news to you is the fact that the loathsome Abu Musab Zarqawi -- murderer of hundreds of Iraqis, American soliders, and latterly, Nick Berg -- was a target of strike proposals drawn up by the Pentagon in 2002, when Ansar-al-Islam was camped out in Saddam-less Northern Iraq's. The strike never took place because the administration feared that a successful strike on known terrorists with al-Qaeda connections would undermine their case for invading Iraq (since it didn't require an invasion to accomplish). The rest is history. This makes me very angry. More details over at Washington Monthly.


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