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Monday, May 24, 2004
West Ham will play Crystal Palace this Saturday to determine who will grab the third and final promotion spot and play in the English Premiership this year.

Saturday 8am, I will be in the pub, ordering my first pint, and cheering on my beloved West Ham United. This season has been a rollercoaster -- 3 managers, our best players sold, swinging from new hope to despair and back again, and it all comes down to 90 minutes in Cardiff. If new manager Alan Pardew can pull this off, he will instantly become a West Ham legend.

We'll be relying on the likes of pacy winger Matty Etherington

the cultured, world-class midfielder Michael Carrick

the nippy striker David Connolly (shown here celebrating with a fan)

and the unflappable Hayden Mullins


By Saturday lunchtime, I will either be absolutely *ecstatic* or thoroughly inconsolable, but either way I will be proud of the club and of the fans (who truly are the best in the world)....

Here are a few of the most memorable goals from this season (right click and Save As to download):

Matty scoring with a wicked left-footer in the semi-finals vs Ipswich (Quicktime file)

Christian Dailly getting smacked in the balls, but having the presence of mind to score the goal that put us in the finals before crumpling to the ground in pain (Quicktime file)

Marlon Harewood with a scorcher vs Norwich (.avi)

David Connolly making fools of the Burnley defense before sticking it away (.avi)



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