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Sunday, August 08, 2004
Any of you who use Outlook (not Outlook Express) *must* download Lookout, which is an Outlook plugin which searches through your emails as quickly as Google searches the web.

It revolutionizes the way you work -- I used to spend a lot of time filing messages in folders so I can keep track of all the emails associated with a project...but if I couldn't remember exactly which email a particular piece of info was in, I'd have to open the folder and go through each one as best I could. Using Outlook's built-in search is a complete waste of time...slowest. search. ever. Now I type the search term into the Lookout search box and within a split second, all emails with that keyword are there. I can sort by date, subject line, who sent the email, etc. The only bummer is that I can't drag and drop emails into folders from the search results...that would have made it perfect.

Nevertheless, this is pretty essential stuff. Thanks to Marc for turning me onto it.


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