Using Bees To Effect Vengeance

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

-- turning 30 (couple weeks to go)

-- 63,000 frequent flier miles on one airline

-- hitting 1000 posts on Using Bees (14 to go after this one)

-- paying what used to be a month's rent to an *arborist*. For services rendered on trees. That you own. If you didn't know I was nearly 30 before, you certainly do now.

-- receiving an average of 163 emails/day in your work inbox

-- listening to "Baby's In Black" for the 1142nd time, and thinking that you love The Beatles almost as much you did when you were 14

-- finally succumbing to your wife's deeply-felt, passionately-delivered entreaties ("Heartwrenching, gutwrenching, shattering; a harrowing journey into the very core of despair...and ultimately a validation of...the entire human project" -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone) that you go to a proper hairdresser who knows what he's doing, being surprised and pleased by the sheer magnitude of the improvement, and then even deigning to use a small amount of "product" in your hair after decades of feeling at some unconscious level like lack-of-"product"-usage was somehow central to your self-identification as a man of serious and noble pursuits, although still ensuring a comforting feeling of superiority to those dandies who spend more than just 20 seconds/day maintaining their hairrangements


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