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Sunday, October 24, 2004
Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq.

So let me get this straight: the incompetence and arrogance with which the Bush administration addressed post-war planning meant that the coalition had insufficient troops to adequately secure key locations -- thereby allowing terrorists and insurgents to make off with (as Josh Marshall says) an "almost limitless supply" of deadly explosives to kill our troops and Iraqi civilians. These same explosives may be useful as triggering mechanisms for nuclear devices. The Bush administration had a shot at taking out Zarqawi before the Iraq war but failed to do so; it is reasonable to assume he has managed to get his hands on some of said explosives, and -- now aligned with al Qaeda -- is likely in a good position to provide Osama bin Laden with some of those explosives, thereby helping to bring one step closer to fruition the nightmare scenario of terrorists with WMDs.

And George W. Bush is the one who's tough on terror? He has been the terrorists best friend in every respect. Gaining them millions of adherents with his unnecessarily ham-fisted cowboy act, his failure to capture Bin Laden, his ill-advised decision to invade Iraq, his utter balls-up of the ensuing occupation, his politically-inspired failure to take out Zarqawi when he could have, and now the truly criminal negligence that has enormously strengthened the terrorists capacity to hurt us, our allies, and innocent people around the world.

He has been an utter disaster. *Anyone* would be better than him. Even if you agree with his ideology or his approach to fighting terror, surely there can be no question about his inability to execute on it? He's making it worse.

What's more, various administration members appear to have been aware of this horrific turn of events for months but seem not to have communicated this -- well -- INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT information amongst themselves or to outside parties.

I'm at a loss. He has to go.


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