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Monday, January 17, 2005
Shortly before we moved to Bees Towers, I stumbled upon a cache of Bethlehem Jazz reissues in a $3 bin at some godforsaken mall record shop (Hastings? FYE?), and consequently came home with a sizeable grin on my face and 20-odd obscure records to plow through. While I am often referred to as the Plow King, I didn't get around to listening to all of them before the move, and so tonight's the night (as both Rod the Mod and Neil "Forever" Young have seen fit to point out).

So far it's been

  • The Pat Moran Quartet (hard swingin' chick piano player)
  • Eddie Vinson Sings (my first exposure to Cleanhead and his unique jump- blues style -- great "making coffee and eggs on Sunday morning" music, as one web reviewer put it)
  • Booker Little And Friend (lovely version of If I Should Lose You)
  • Audrey Morris (wow! warm, sexy voice and interesting song choices -- and she still sings in Chicago clubs)
  • Betty Roche -- Take The A Train (soulful boppish vocals from one of Duke's canaries)
  • Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams -- Motor City Scene
This one is a pretty straightforward bop date with a pretty hot all-Detroit band -- Byrd, Adams, Kenny Burrell, Tommy Flanagan, Mr. PC, and Louis Hayes (under a pseudonym -- "Hey Lewis"). It also features an unboppish and really beautiful 10-minute version of Stardust, with an especially lovely solo from Flanagan two-thirds of the way through. So Jefe, here's another version of Stardust for your collection...everyone, say hello to our latest MP3 Of The Time Increment.

Still to come: some Mal Waldron, some Claude Williamson, some JJ & Kai, and some Charli Persip.


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