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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I might have to spend some quality time with my Beatles records and this site.

One of the things I love about Beatles songs is how damn sloppy the recordings are...there's always some fluffed harmony that got left in, or a misprounounced word (e.g "slubmarine"), or a clearly wrong note in the bassline.

I assumed that during the early years, this was because they were moving so fast and everyone involved thought "Sod it, they're only pop records, no one will even be listening to this song 3 years from now". Towards the end, though, it became clear that everyone had loosened up (even good ol' George Martin, who you know must have been pained at the early mistakes) and it became part of the aesthetic to leave the corners frayed. I suspect much of this was at John's insistence.

Anyway, there's lots of these that I'd never noticed. It's always nice to have an excuse to go on a Beatles bender. [via Waxy]


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