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Thursday, March 24, 2005
I thoroughly enjoyed this year's SXSW. There weren't that many must-see bands for me this year, which allowed me to do a lot more hopping around. It were nice.

Spottiswoode, Marlee Macleod, The Silos, Steve Wynn and the Miracle Three (rockingest set I saw at the festival), Paul The Girl.

American Vodka, Sam Champion, Dr. Dog (ehh), Dolorean (ehh), Amazing Pilots, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Richmond Fontaine

The Natural History, The Crimea, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, Lou Barlow, Willy Mason, Adem, Aberfeldy (cute Scottish keyboard players alert -- two of them!), Robyn Hitchcock, Graham Coxon

Robyn Hitchcock (again), John Cale (!!), Spoon

Pass. My 30-year-old ass was shagged out. For shame, as Grampa Simpson says.

Highlights: Seeing the John Cale perfoming Fear, and then Venus In Furs (!!!). Watching Brooklynites Sam Champion abuse their Les Pauls in the service of catchy, fun Neil-Young-goes-pop tuneage. Getting the sweaty upper lip as Steve Wynn's ferocious guitar player battered all hell out of The Dream Syndicate tune Days Of Wine And Roses (no, not that one). Seeing Richmond Fontaine transcend a truly ass-spelunking sound guy to turn in a soulful performance. A pre-show chat with damn nice guy and Spoon bassist Josh Zarbo. Watching a grown-ass man with full-on bog-brush beard stand there with tears rolling down his cheeks as Robyn Hitchcock concluded his cover of Lennon's Mind Games.


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