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Thursday, April 28, 2005
So the mrs. and I went to see John Wesley Harding do a post-book signing gig at the Saxon Pub the other night...he sat in with a local band that was having a CD release party, and brought Kelly Hogan with him to do vocals on one song (not that said local band didn't have a pretty good backing vocalist already).

Anyway, the band -- who I was not otherwise crazy about -- came to life with Wes's songs to get their teeth into, and despite never having rehearsed with the man before (!) bashed out terrific, edgy versions of some of his recent songs. Wes was wowed and grateful, and after Kelly Hogan sat back down, they launched into Roky Erickson's "If You Have Ghosts"...which I haven't heard him do for at least 10 years. It positively sizzled, and when the band finished their own set (Wes gamely sitting in on one number despite having broken a string or two on IYHG) I went to say my usual "Hi" on the way out. Wes was standing by the exit with an older stringy-haired bloke and a younger man also clearly of genus Austinus Southus music dorkus.

I extended my hand to Wes, complimented him on the set; he acknowledged me with an "Oh hi!", inquired after my lovely wife's name, and then exclaimed "This is Roky Erickson!" and pointed to the older gent. I said -- quite brilliantly, I thought -- "Oh God!" and promptly proferred a hand, which he shook vigorously. I recovered with "This is a privilege", and then said "He did a pretty good version, didn't he?" gesturing at the Arsenal-supporting folkie to my left. "Yeah, he sure did", Roky said, grinning widely. My wife grinned widely as well and gave her sweet little "pleased for my husband" laugh with the customary full body tilt-forward. Presently we scarpered, but that's the story of the night I met psych-rock royalty.


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