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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
This one's for Chewy: Monkeywire: the #1 source for news about monkeys and apes

In other news, I have re-entered the world of RSS, thanks to Bloglines. There are a lot more sites with XML/RSS/syndication/whateveryouwannacallit feeds than there used to be, and I'm finding the web-based reader an improvement over the email or browser-based ones I tried before.

Now I don't have to go clicking on all my bookmarks to see who's updated their damn blog...the new posts just show up in Bloglines. It's also expanded my reading material -- I'm not going to clutter my Inbox by subscribing to The Economist newsletter, but I will skim their new story headlines in my RSS reader and click on the interesting ones. Ditto with BBC Sport headlines, Ask Metafilter threads, or new live shows posted to DimeADozen.

Unfortunately Monkeywire does not appear to have a feed yet.


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