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Tuesday, December 18, 2001
From JOHO The Blog

...Professor Arthur B. Shostak at Drexel University, is completing a book that would really benefit from your input. It will discuss the impact of memorable scenes from movies on our lives. Thus far nearly 500 people in over 12 countries have participated.

What scene from a movie (or several such scenes from different movies) do you regard as really consequential in your life? A scene(s) that you cite when you want to make an important point. A scene(s) that altered your view of things. Or taught you something you value deeply. Or scared you forever. Or that you treasure for its humane quality. Its deep-reaching humor. Or its unique perspective. Please share your scene(s) - in your own words, at ANY length (the longer the better).

1) Title of the film:
2) What year did you see the film?
3) How old were you?
4) What was/were the impact(s) of the scene? Why?
5) And, what are your thoughts/feelings now about it?

Finally, Professor Shostak would appreciate some bio data:
1) Age
2) Gender
3) Race/Ethnicity
4) Religion
5) Last year of schooling completed (or highest degree earned)
6) Occupation
7) How would you characterize your movie- going?: VERY causal ? Casual? Serious (read and are guided by movie reviews)?
8) About how many movies do you see in a month? (on TV, home rentals, and movie theater combined)

Please e-mail this form to

Hmm. Something from Crimes And Misdemeanors, perhaps? Or Secrets And Lies? There are scenes from Schindler's List that tend to stay with one. The ballet in The Red Shoes. The end of Dr Strangelove or Chinatown? Most of A Matter Of Life And Death? Hmmm.


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