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Thursday, December 20, 2001
OK, my top 10 albums for the year, in no particular order:

Radiohead -- Amnesiac
Bob Dylan -- Love And Theft
Spoon -- Girls Can Tell
Nick Cave -- No More Shall We Part
Neil Finn -- One Nil
Pernice Bros -- The World Won't End
Cotton Mather -- The Big Picture
Sam Philips -- Fan Dance
Joe Henry -- Scar
Glenn Tilbrook -- The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook

Bubbling under:
The Silos -- Laser Beam Next Door
Bjork -- Vespertine
Jason Falkner -- Necessity: The 4-Track Years
Spiritualized -- Let It Come Down
Tindersticks -- Can Our Love...
REM -- Reveal
Ken Stringfellow -- Touched
Ben Folds -- Rockin' The Suburbs
Old '97s -- Satellite Rides
Super Furry Animals -- Rings Around The World

Does it count?:
Wilco -- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Jon Brion -- Meaningless

Haven't heard fully yet, but had a great chance of being in the Top 10 if I had heard fully but I'll be anal and not want to include in next year's list so will fall into a kind of netherworld and likely not receive the credit from me they deserve and I'll feel guilty, and hah, it looks like there are as many good CDs this year that I didn't listen to than those I did:
Pulp -- We Love Life
Strokes -- Is This It
Arnold -- Bahama
Nick Lowe -- The Convincer
Zero 7 -- Simple Things
Sloan -- Pretty Together
Leonard Cohen -- Ten New Songs
Ben & Jason -- Ten Songs About You


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