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Wednesday, January 30, 2002
Costello samples '60s Italian pop on new album

In a self-penned press release, Costello says the new album was composed entirely on "a Silvertone electric guitar, a 15-watt amplifier and a kid's beatbox with big orange buttons."

"I've been singing so many ballads with other people recently that I was in the mood again for a rowdy rhythm record," Costello says.

"We used a highly skilled team of musicians and engineers to ensure that we did not accidentally make a record that had been previously released."

The article has a shot of the album cover too. An Entertainment Weekly journalist who's heard the record said "I think it's exactly the record he needed to make right now: a full-on rock record that doesn't sound the slightest bit like the Attractions; one that's fully of a piece with his classic material yet that doesn't sound like any other album he's ever made. And... it's the first truly guitar-dominated album of his career."

Very cool. In honor of it, this increment's MP3 Of The Time Increment is a version of a song called Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution) [3.6MB], which will be on the new album. It's a fantasy about teeny-pop-tarts rising up against their svengalis, and this version was done for a proposed WB sitcom penned by T-Bone Burnett & Costello (I'm not kidding), and features The Bangles' Susannah Hoffs on vocals. The guitar work sounds like Elvis to me. The song rocks. in every sense of the word.


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