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Tuesday, January 29, 2002
There are some amazing quotes to be uncovered in Alternet's well-written story about the Olsen Twins juggernaut. Try these on for size (What does that mean anyway? try these on for size?):

"I just think there's too much momentum," said Robert Thorne, CEO of the Olsen twin company, DualStar Entertainment Group [ahh, what cute name for a company], in a New York Times article. "And they're almost a monopoly. It would be hard to knock them off their perch."

Almost a monopoly? A monopoly on what? It would be hard to knock them off their perch because...cute little child stars inevitably succeed in leveraging their youthful fame into richly rewarding and sustained mass adulation for their rest of their lives? Because being an object of derision is as lucrative as being the flavor of the month? Put down the crack pipe, sir. You need to cash in while you can, because the glory days can't last forever.

For their latest direct-to-video picture, "Holiday in the Sun," the twins covered a song by the popular rock band Weezer, who ooze street-cred. Thorne, the Dualstar CEO, told the Hollywood Reporter "that was a major step, among others, toward improving the production values of our products. Weezer recognizes that Mary-Kate and Ashley are no longer just cute little girls."

[raised eyebrow]

Did you know that the Olsen twins have released 12 albums? 12?


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