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Friday, March 08, 2002
Billy Bragg Addresses Parliament

Rock singer Billy Bragg hiked up his sweater to show off a T-shirt featuring the punk band the Clash as he testified in Parliament, telling legislators they were out of touch with the British people.

Speaking of The. Clash., I just finished A Riot Of Our Own, by Clash roadie Johnny Green, and can highly recommend it for fans.

Other tidbits: went to see John Wesley Harding last night. He played his forthcoming album, in order, to open the show...all the songs sounded terrific. One song, Sussex Ghost Story, has an arrangement by Gavin Bryars, so Wes brought his boombox, miked it up, and played the song over the recorded strings. Then a nice surprise -- Evan Dando jumped up to play a couple of new songs and then Wes joined him on another new Dando original called "Hard Drive". As Adam -- who'd heard it before -- promised, it was fantastic. While Dando's always been quite the melodicist, his lyrics have never been this affecting before.

Edit: turns out it's a Ben Lee song. Oh well.


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