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Monday, March 18, 2002
Neo-Nazis review The Man Who Wasn't There [via Metafilter]

"There is a modicum of anti-White racism to be found in many of their works, but this is countered by the fact that the Coens are fine storytellers. In this age of Lowest-Common-Denominator crap coming from Hollywood, it's nice to see a thought-provoking comedy once in a while, even if it is brought to us by more of those filthy Yids."

Yes, Vanguard News Network is a highly disturbing website. Some of the writing is laughable, some of it is impressively literate. Either way, why not check out some state-of-the-art racial hatred and anti-Semitism? Let's learn from the last six months, and get this stuff on our radar screen before it reaches critical mass [c.f Elvis Costello's song "Night Rally" or The Clash's "Clampdown"]. And maybe we can empty their coffers by pushing their bandwith bill to unsupportable levels.


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