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Monday, March 11, 2002
Two new MP3s-Of-The-Time-Increment this week, the first being "Death Car" by the band Wheat. It's from their album Medeiros (hah!), and the reason I've chosen it is that it is an insidious little song. Better-than-average indie rock vocals, a lovely chorus and intriguing lyrics add up to a song that gets stuck in my head remarkably frequently considering it came out so long ago. Listen to it three times and you'll have the same pleasure.

The second is Don Piper's "Just Checking In". Don has played with the terrific Pam Miller, among others, but is a gifted songwriter In His Own Write. This song is a catchy little mid-tempo foot-tapper with an instantly appealing chorus. Great production too. You can check more of his stuff out at his website.

Speaking of In His Own Write, Sonnet and I managed to pick up McCartney tickets today. They're $85 tickets in Nosebleed Towers, but hey -- it's Macca. Last time I saw him was 1990, and it was the best day of my life up until that point. For a Beatleist like me, there's no question. It's like a Buddhist coming face to face with Siddhartha. That is, if Siddhartha were touring stadia and singing 'bout Freedom. I'm talking 'bout Freeeeeeeeedom. If you're reading this Mr. McCartney, please play "The Pound Is Sinking" or "Don't Be Careless, Love" or "Back Seat Of My Car". And go easy on the stuff from the new album -- we're still, er, getting into it.


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