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Friday, April 26, 2002
I did lots of homework when I bought our DVD player, and one of the things I looked at was whether it was capable of playing DVDs from regions other than the US. I wasted a great deal of my former employer's time researching that, but now all that work has paid off, because:

The Young Ones is coming out on DVD.

(it will work, right? PAL and NTSC don't matter for DVDs, right? I can buy a British DVD and as long as my player is multi-region it will work, right? Please email me if you have insight into this important issue. Cheers.)

Sonnet and I hung around outside the Bowery Ballroom for 2 hours last night, but it was worth it -- we got into the sold-out Wilco show and they were transcendent. Buy the new record, people, it's as good as everyone says.


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