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Monday, April 15, 2002
Let's update the MP3 Of The Time Increment, shall we?

Hmmm. Let's see. Ah yes:

Gus "The Groove" Lewis: Let The Groove Move You

First of all, his name is Gus -- a good omen for a soul singer. Second of all, this is a fearsomely funky track -- fat fat drums, spot-on Raelettes/Sweet Inspirations-style backing vocals, all manner of guttural grunting, the words "Sock it to 'em, Leroy" featured prominently...need I belabor the point?

How did I come across this slice of sweat-soaked Southern soul, you ask? It's all thanks to Mr. Fine Wine ("Cake...and fine wine" -- quick, name that movie), the DJ who transmits rare soul and funk 45s across the tri-state area from 7-8pm Friday evenings on WFMU. I'm telling you -- one jaw-dropping tune after another. Shame you'll have to move to New York to hear it.......aha, tricked you!! WFMU archives all the shows in RealAudio format for your listening enjoyment. And they even keep playlists on file, to aid the furious Audiogalactic surfing which will undoubtedly transpire shortly after you tune in. Ooh, you really are a lucky bastard, aren't you?

P.S -- When you're finished goggling at the aforementioned bounty, peep this. [Goes slackjawed] God bless these trainspotters. I think my next bad habit will be collecting '60s soul 45s.

P.P.S -- Oh, and here's a live MP3 of Belle And Sebastian having an impromptu go at "Oliver's Army".


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