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Wednesday, April 10, 2002
Sorry I've been AWOL for so long, kids. This whole unemployment thing really throws one off one's schedule. Some tidbits from the last week then:

  • Despite sporting the dreaded Verbing Proper Noun title construction, Kissing Jessica Stein was actually really really good. Very sharp dialogue, believable characters, and nice performances, particularly from Tovah Feldshuh. Recommended.

  • Roxanne Hale has a gig in NYC on Sunday, but be sure to check out her MP3s before going....

  • Another interesting wind power article, this time in The New Republic. Wind power has a lot of political hurdles to jump, but damn if it don't get me all polyanna-ish. The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy is such a tantalizing prospect (and such an enormous business opportunity).

    And finally, the big news: we're moving back to Austin. Yep. An intense couple of days saw the missus and I run through the scenarios and it soon became clear that our plans to move to Austin-or-somewhere-like-it in the next year or so had to be accelerated. Accelerated to June 1, to be precise. It will be enormously difficult to leave our amazing, amazing New York friends...but we've consoled ourselves with the thought that we'll certainly be coming to New York as frequently as lots of them have Austin connections of their own, so that will help too. Fear not, though, gentle reader: Using Bees shall persist, like a dry cough that you desperately wish would melt into proper phlegm already so that you could get some satisfaction from clearing your throat.

    CDs near my desk today: all of them (hah!)


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