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Thursday, May 23, 2002
Wow, two weeks passes quickly when you're busy.

It was fun watching my brother graduate last week. That's it -- my parents' children have all entered the real world, as it's amusingly known in some quarters.

I lined up some interviews while I was Austin and they all went very well, which was encouraging. Now it's just waiting for some word of the decision. Will there be an unprecedented bidding war for my services, or will they all independently opt for "thanks but no thanks"? With any luck, I'll have some idea in the next week.

If none of them come through, we'll be OK for a while, but it would sure be nice to land a paying gig so we can find our own place to live rather than relying on the kindness of our parents, my brother, and his roommate (incidentally, hearty congrats to Matt, who recently strode into the arena of the affianced). In the meantime, it's cleaning and packing and canceling utilities and paying bills and writing thankyou emails and opening bank accounts and informing one's "network" and spending time with friends.

Speaking of networks, I apparently grew one when I wasn't looking. Quite a few people have graciously hooked me up with job leads, and I didn't have to schmooze them or bullshit them or cold call them. I just asked them what was going on with them when I saw them (out of genuine interest, imagine that), told them what was going on with me, and they said, "Oh I know so and so". It was painless, I'm enormously grateful to them, and I look forward to returning the favors.

Been listening to:

  • Ed Harcourt: very good, Waits/Buckley/BadlyDrawnBoy/Elliott Smith type stuff, more adventurous than most, and with a few truly gorgeous songs despite the odd dodgy lyric. Try songs #3 and #5.

  • Some achingly beautiful demos that our friend Pamela Miller recorded in Austin with Craig Ross (who's worked with Lisa Germano, Spoon, Red House Painters, David Garza...oh, see for yourself). The songs themselves are brief, unmediated and direct, each one fitted out with a heartbreaking melody. Ross's "production" -- I think most of it is live to two-track -- evokes Giant Sand, Lanois, and (funnily enough) Germano (or OP8, I guess). He wisely keeps Pam's vocals front and center and ensures that the accompaniment is vibey and loose, interesting but understated. It's the best stuff she's done, and I'm really looking to where she goes from here. Pam is playing the Living Room on June 15th (I believe -- doublecheck closer to the time). If you live in New York and are into music, you should check her out.

  • The new Wilco, mais oui.

  • The new Badly Drawn Boy

  • Some funny bootleg mixes from Base58

  • Exhilarating Cathartic Positivity, a mix I made for some of our friends at the new year.

  • I Am Kloot

  • Kinks Kronikles (Is "Autumn Almanac" the catchiest song of all time? There must be at least 10 or 15 distinct hooks in that song. Let's make it an MP3 of The Time Increment.)

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